Council Shamefully Remove Lee Rigby Memorial

The unofficial memorial for Lee Rigby outside the Royal Arterially barrack in Woolwich, South East London, has been shamefully removed by Woolwich Council.

Lee Rigby was brutally attacked and murdered by two Islamic extremists, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale on May the 22nd, 2013.

Lee Rigby, like many of our brave military personnel, sadly face the risk of being brutally attacked and tormented by those who hate what they do, which is defend our country from brutal extremists.


Woolwich Council want to remove Lee Rigby memorial (pictured)

The people of Woolwich set up their unofficial memorial to pay tribute to Lee Rigby for his duty to his country, shortly after his tragic death.

It is a sad time for us all, that council bureaucracy trumps the respect for our fallen heroes.  We must not allow the red-tape of councils and their anti-military leftist-extremist agenda to clampdown on the respect we show for our armed forces.

The residents of Woolwich are to this day still committed to keeping Lee Rigby in their hearts and minds, and it means a lot to them that that decision to post up an unofficial memorial remains respected.

The people of this country want to stand up against all forms of extremism, no matter the religion.

The residents of the local area had to go through the heartache of a solider being brutally murdered on their streets, therefore it is only right that the council respect the unofficial memorial – let’s keep it there and show these extremists where to go.

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