Shock as BBC exclude white people from applying for jobs within organisation

The BBC is exclusively advertising positions within their organisation to those from non-white backgrounds only.


The organisation is one of the largest broadcasters in the world, and portrays itself as politically neutral, though systematically goes out its way to post anti-trump messages across its social media platforms.

The BBC has yet again shown its absolute bias, in regards to employment by selectively targeting those who are not white.  This is by far just one aspect of the organisations’ attempt to call for only those from minority sectors to enter their organisation.

In bizarre post on their twitter, they call for a ‘Trainee Multimedia Specialist from a black, Asian or non-white background’.  This is certainly not the first time the organisation has been hiring based solely on ethnics, and it shall not be the last, as they attempt to meet their quotas.

radio 1

The Bizarre tweet

The BBC of all organisations should realise that the British people are proud of their country, that includes everyone from all ethnic groups.

The BBC often opens vacancies for those who are not white, and it certainly is not shy about it.  It would be sensible to say, that surely those who are most able for a job should get it, no matter their skin colour?

The leftist extreme agenda of the BBC continues to drive the ordinary people of this country mad.

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