Fury as Mandelson writes secret letters to EU-elite

Lord Mandelson has recently been exposed as having offered to work on behalf of Brussels to try and stop Brexit in a secret letter he wrote.

The letter was written to the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier and has only recently come to light…


What makes it even more damning is that Michel Barnier did not even take Mandelson up on his offer to meet. Instead the Lord has been having clandestine meetings with low grade EU officials.

The secret letter states:

“I would welcome the opportunity to put some time aside for us to share some thoughts on the Brexit negotiations.

“As you know, I am deeply committed to the future of the EU as it strives for solidarity in the face of growing challenges from populist movements, geopolitics and a still recovering economy.

“I would be happy to brief you on the current pressures in British politics and share with you my assessment of how these will play out.”

Serious questions must be asked about why a British Citizen is attempting to help and organisation that the people of the UK. He is still very close to arch remainer Tony Blair and has extensive links with the remain establishment. They look like they will not stop until the democratic wishes of the people are overturned.

The fate of this country is in the hands of the British people, and the elite class do not like it at all.  The mainstream media try and construe a difference picture of what Brexit means, but all it simply comes down to is sovereignty, and us leaving the shackles of the EU elite.

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