French President says France would ‘probably’ vote to leave EU

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, has claimed that if France was to be given a vote on whether it would stay or leave the EU, he claims it would ‘probably vote leave’.

The French President was speaking on the Andrew Marr show when he confirmed that the European Union is just as unpopular in France as it is within the UK.


French President, Emmanuel Macron claiming France would ‘probably’ vote Leave

The United Kingdom voted to decisively to leave the shackles of the European Union on the 23rd of June 2016.  The people who voted to leave the EU were the normal hardworking people of this country, who have said; enough is enough.

The French people are becoming increasingly cautious of the EU, and this shows in the French Presidents’ tone, where he says in no short terms that France would vote leave in a referendum.

The European Union is popular among the elites, especially regarding the large corporations, who continually undercut the people of this country.

Macron also confirmed that the UK will achieve its own separate deal, that is specifically modelled for the United Kingdom, which is a clear signal that Brexit is going the way the British people desire, in the right direction.

Macron and the elite have signalled clearly, the UK will get a deal – and it won’t be cut off.  The UK will lead the world in free-trade, and develop new relations with the rest of the world.

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