Shocking: Army chief says the UK can no longer defend itself

IN a recent speech the Chief of the General Staff Sir Nick Carter has made it clear that the UK may no longer be capable of defending itself against an attack. 

Sir Nick Carter (pictured above) raises concerns over defence.

This is an unprecedented step where usually that role remains politically neutral but it is more than clear that Sir Nick could no longer sit back and allow the country to go this way.

Chancellor Philip Hammond appears more interested in ring-fencing £50 billion to pay a divorce bill to the EU and he doesn’t want to be seen to be doing anything to jeopardise this.

Our current armed forces levels are now at their lowest since the end of the 1700’s in an unprecedented scaling back by the Coalition and now Conservative Governments.

This makes serving members and veterans extremely anger considering the Tories promised to invest in our armed forces and with Jeremy Corbyn now in charge of Labour the prospects for real funding for our military look increasingly bleak.

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