TRAGIC: Local council gives into halal meat pressure – animals suffer IN PAIN

After pressure from a local group of mosques Lancashire Council has decided to allow un-stunned meat to be used for its School dinners.


Bradford, “UK”

Over 80% of Halal meat comes from what is considered to be the more humane method which involves stunning the animal first, but local religious leaders stated this was not compatible with their beliefs and wanted their Children’s meat source to come from animals slaughtered under tight Islamic rules.


sheep suffer

The Lancashire Council of Muslims had called for a boycott of school meals if their demands were not met and that by allowing the ban to stay in place it could result in increased “Islamophobia”

There is no single way of verifying the quality of this meat as the government has been scared to approach the issue sighting “religious sensitivities”. Unsurprisingly no animal rights activist groups were prepared to comment on this story.

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