UN Boss says EU MUST take in more ‘REFUGEES’

At a recent speech to the global elites meeting in Davos the man responsible for Refugees at the UN has said the EU has failed in its duty to take its fair share of migrants from around the world.


Bursting at the seams

Filippo Grandi was addressing a meeting at the World Economic Forum of the global elites when the Italian diplomat hit out at countries like Hungary for not accepting their fair share and to prepare for even more:

“We need to work more with Europe, and other countries that receive refugees, to make reception systems more effective for larger numbers than before”

Generalsekretär Linhart trifft UN-Flüchtlingshochkommissar Fil

Filippo Grandi (pictured) says EU MUST take more refugees

With the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union, Guy Verhofstadt of the EU has said that Britain will not be able to take control of its borders until late 2021 at the very earliest.

This could result in many millions more coming into the UK between now and then putting increased pressure on its already crumbling infrastructure, NHS and Housing.​


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