TRAGIC: 80’s Singers’ ‘Angel Wife’ DIES of Brain CANCER

Figures from across the Entertainment Industry have paid tribute to Stacey Young, the wife of 80’s singer Paul Young, who has sadly passed away.


Paul Young and his ‘Angel wife’ pictured with family before death

The mother of 4 was just 52 when she died of Brain Cancer and she was well known for all her charity work and being a loving mother.

Spandau Ballet member Steve Norman took to Twitter to pay tribute: ‘So shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Stacey Young. She was such a character and so down to earth. She featured in the Spandau video for Fight For Ourselves some years back. Sending love and best wishes to Paul, the children and family.’


Beautiful family 

Although their relationship hadn’t been without its difficulties Paul Young always maintained that she was the only true love of his life and his friends said that he is inconsolable at losing her. This is a very sad time for all the family but they will receive some comfort from all the warm messages they have received and know of the lives Stacey touched in her time here.



The bookies favourite to replace Theresa May has warned her that if she doesn’t buck up her game it will lead to Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next Prime Minister.


Moggs Slams Hammond (RIGHT) 

He has also taken aim at the Chancellor Philip Hammond who has been increasingly calling for the softest possible Brexit:

“With high-alignment  (soft brexit ) you are actually a vassal state. It’s not what people voted for, nor is it where the opportunity is. The people who want it are the corporatists, the fat cats.”

Many questions are being asked about Theresa May and her loyalty to Hammond who continues to put road blocks in the way for the UK to exit the EU.

Rees-Mogg is not pulling any punches and his support continues to grow within the Conservative Party and on the streets. Theresa May certainly now has even more to worry about to cling on to her job.

UN Boss says EU MUST take in more ‘REFUGEES’

At a recent speech to the global elites meeting in Davos the man responsible for Refugees at the UN has said the EU has failed in its duty to take its fair share of migrants from around the world.


Bursting at the seams

Filippo Grandi was addressing a meeting at the World Economic Forum of the global elites when the Italian diplomat hit out at countries like Hungary for not accepting their fair share and to prepare for even more:

“We need to work more with Europe, and other countries that receive refugees, to make reception systems more effective for larger numbers than before”

Generalsekretär Linhart trifft UN-Flüchtlingshochkommissar Fil

Filippo Grandi (pictured) says EU MUST take more refugees

With the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union, Guy Verhofstadt of the EU has said that Britain will not be able to take control of its borders until late 2021 at the very earliest.

This could result in many millions more coming into the UK between now and then putting increased pressure on its already crumbling infrastructure, NHS and Housing.​


Millions of us would die if Russia attacked UK soil

The Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has recently warned that a Russian Cyber-attack on Britain’s electricity supply could lead to thousands of deaths.


Moscow has apparently been using sophisticated technology to photograph power stations and gas pipelines across the UK.

GCHQ which is Britain’s cyber security centre has said that recently Russian hackers have been testing out Britain’s cyber security.

Williamson also warned that on recent manoeuvres Russia has been retargeting its significant missile arsenal on British targets.


In an increasingly uncertain world and the civil war in Syria where both Russian and Britain involved there are fears that an accident could lead to a massive showdown between the two nuclear armed powers.


A mummified corpse was found in the Swiss City of Basel and DNA tests have been done and the results are absolutely incredible!

boris mummy.JPG

The tests have proven that the body was Anna Catharina Bischoff who was part of a wealthy dynasty of merchants who lived around the area.

She had a total of seven children and one of her daughters then went on to marry Christian Hubert Baron Pfeffel von Kriegelstein. Over 5 generations later Marie Luise Von Pfeffel married Stanley Williams and they produced a certain blonde haired son who goes by the name of…BORIS!

David Cameron says EU Remain campaign was all lies!

Currently in Davos, Switzerland the global elites are meeting in secretive surroundings to discuss all that is wrong in their world. They are all discussing how bad Brexit is to their plans to exploit immigration and workers to their own benefits.


In a shocking secretly recorded video David Cameron has admitted that all the fear stories about Brexit were basically a load of made up garbage.

Cameron and Osborne, both Eton and Cambridge educated, spent the entire EU referendum campaign telling the British people how it would lead to recession and an economic apocalypse. They even got their friends in the banks and big business to come in and also make statements to scare the British public into how they should vote.

All the statistical evidence since leaving the EU has shown that all of these organisations and the civil service engaged in a deliberate campaign to spread fake news but with the result it showed that the British Public have lost all faith in those holding positions of authority.

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TRAGIC: Local council gives into halal meat pressure – animals suffer IN PAIN

After pressure from a local group of mosques Lancashire Council has decided to allow un-stunned meat to be used for its School dinners.


Bradford, “UK”

Over 80% of Halal meat comes from what is considered to be the more humane method which involves stunning the animal first, but local religious leaders stated this was not compatible with their beliefs and wanted their Children’s meat source to come from animals slaughtered under tight Islamic rules.


sheep suffer

The Lancashire Council of Muslims had called for a boycott of school meals if their demands were not met and that by allowing the ban to stay in place it could result in increased “Islamophobia”

There is no single way of verifying the quality of this meat as the government has been scared to approach the issue sighting “religious sensitivities”. Unsurprisingly no animal rights activist groups were prepared to comment on this story.

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