David Cameron says EU Remain campaign was all lies!

Currently in Davos, Switzerland the global elites are meeting in secretive surroundings to discuss all that is wrong in their world. They are all discussing how bad Brexit is to their plans to exploit immigration and workers to their own benefits.


In a shocking secretly recorded video David Cameron has admitted that all the fear stories about Brexit were basically a load of made up garbage.

Cameron and Osborne, both Eton and Cambridge educated, spent the entire EU referendum campaign telling the British people how it would lead to recession and an economic apocalypse. They even got their friends in the banks and big business to come in and also make statements to scare the British public into how they should vote.

All the statistical evidence since leaving the EU has shown that all of these organisations and the civil service engaged in a deliberate campaign to spread fake news but with the result it showed that the British Public have lost all faith in those holding positions of authority.

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TRAGIC: Local council gives into halal meat pressure – animals suffer IN PAIN

After pressure from a local group of mosques Lancashire Council has decided to allow un-stunned meat to be used for its School dinners.


Bradford, “UK”

Over 80% of Halal meat comes from what is considered to be the more humane method which involves stunning the animal first, but local religious leaders stated this was not compatible with their beliefs and wanted their Children’s meat source to come from animals slaughtered under tight Islamic rules.


sheep suffer

The Lancashire Council of Muslims had called for a boycott of school meals if their demands were not met and that by allowing the ban to stay in place it could result in increased “Islamophobia”

There is no single way of verifying the quality of this meat as the government has been scared to approach the issue sighting “religious sensitivities”. Unsurprisingly no animal rights activist groups were prepared to comment on this story.

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SHOCK: Scot Tories support the cleansing of ‘British’ in Scotland

This planned merger is nothing but a stunt to eradicate anything “British” from Scotland, with a job to cleanse Scotland and make it a purified Scottish State.

Image result for ruth davidson fat

Scot Tory leader Ruth Davidson (pictured) – her party had the power to stop the merge before it hit Westminster 

This is nationalism in its worst form, it should not go ahead and the SNP should be held account.

The Scottish National Party, however , are only doing what they are established to do, which is to seek separation from the UK. This stunt is nothing of a surprise, it is what happens when a secessionist party wins power.

The big surprise in this all, is that the blame lies with the Scottish Conservative Party. Namely,Adam Tomkins, who is their constitutional spokesperson and who spearheaded the Smith Commission talks- which agreed a transfer of powers to the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Conservatives agreed to devolve the responsibility of transport policing to the Scottish Government, they did this in complete naivety that the SNP would retain all aspects of the force.

Devolution has a purpose to decentralise power, it should never be used to appease the separatists, which is what the Scottish Conservatives did in their decision over BTP.

Giving the separatists complete control of a British Transport organisation, is recklessness in its highest form. That is why we at UK Unity demand that the Scottish Conservatives apologise to the workers of BTP for the mess that they have caused.

Adam Tomkins, the Scottish Conservatives MSP is to blame for this failure in particular. His incompetence on this issue is outstanding, he should be ashamed. That is why for the Scottish Conservatives to stand in the devolved chamber and argue that BTP merger should be stopped, is politically hypocrisy

We say, the Scottish Conservatives are a fake unionist party. Who do not care for the working people of this country, they need to understand the blame is with their incompetence and not with the SNP.

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SHOCK: Sturgeon to ban British flag in Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon has ordered the removal of the Union Flag from all government buildings in Scotland.


This has caused a massive furore in Scotland amongst the majority who wish to remain part of the United Kingdom. Not only is seen as lacking respect to the Queen it has also shown up the petty and divisive nature of Nicola Sturgeon.

One Pro UK politician said: “Nicola Sturgeon’s always keen to stress that her civic nationalism is nothing to do with flags and banners. Yet here we have her trying to eradicate the Union Flag from government buildings in Scotland. This is just another example of the SNP pushing its separatist agenda by stealth.”

Many Scots now appear to be turning their backs on the SNP and they have lost over 500,000 votes and 21 MP’s at the most recent general election. Sturgeon is trying to use the democratic vote for leaving the EU to try and break up the UK and to keep the UK part of it by trying to hold another referendum. Many people from the rest of the UK have been quick to point out that Scotland gets subsidised by the rest of the country and she would better focusing on her own problems.

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Lib Dems PATHETICALLY snub the US president

In a stunning rebuke which will see the leader of the free world quaking in his boots “Sir” Vince Cable has stated he and his party would have nothing to do with a state visit by the President.

PATHETIC: Lib Dems with hardly any seats attack the democratically elected leader of US

Since the Coalition led by soon to be “Sir” Nick Clegg the Lib dems have been a party in absolute free fall. Standing on a platform of opposing Brexit and having a second EU referendum they have gone from 57 seats in 2010 to 12 now.

Across the world people are pushing back against the globalist and liberal elite embodied by Vince Cable. Boris Johnson has criticised those such as Sadiq Khan who have been extremely rude about the President advising that as the UK’s firmest ally and trading partner we should look to maintain positive relations with President Trump.

Vince Cable is trying desperately to appeal to the metropolitan elite and student class with such petty politics and many consider him to be on his way out as leader of an increasingly irrelevant party.

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