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SHOCK: Sturgeon to ban British flag in Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon has ordered the removal of the Union Flag from all government buildings in Scotland.


This has caused a massive furore in Scotland amongst the majority who wish to remain part of the United Kingdom. Not only is seen as lacking respect to the Queen it has also shown up the petty and divisive nature of Nicola Sturgeon.

One Pro UK politician said: “Nicola Sturgeon’s always keen to stress that her civic nationalism is nothing to do with flags and banners. Yet here we have her trying to eradicate the Union Flag from government buildings in Scotland. This is just another example of the SNP pushing its separatist agenda by stealth.”

Many Scots now appear to be turning their backs on the SNP and they have lost over 500,000 votes and 21 MP’s at the most recent general election. Sturgeon is trying to use the democratic vote for leaving the EU to try and break up the UK and to keep the UK part of it by trying to hold another referendum. Many people from the rest of the UK have been quick to point out that Scotland gets subsidised by the rest of the country and she would better focusing on her own problems.

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